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National Novel Writing Year's Journal

30th November, 2008. 6:48 pm. WriYe 2009(sylvrilyn)

Hey there, everyone! I don't know how many are still watching this comm, since it's been quiet for a while. I just wanted to let you know that a new group of mods has set up forums and a website for WriYe 2009! It's open for signups, so if you'd like to give WriYe another shot, head on over.

2009 Forums

Follow WriYe on Twitter! We'll post news like verification reminders there.

WriYe 09

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6th January, 2006. 11:16 pm. Word count(darsjournal)

I have to be excited because I have a word count. Since the first I didn't have one till yesterday. Now I'm rollin'

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,113 / 250,000

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17th December, 2005. 12:19 am. Stupid log in problems(talula_rouge)

I can not seem to log into the forums more than one time. This really annoying. Is anyone else having difficulties actually logging in to read and post from the forum page?


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10th December, 2005. 9:16 am. Hello(talula_rouge)

Hi All.

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1st April, 2005. 2:45 pm. Is anbody out there?(mariannelee)

I sent in my file for March 15, like I was supposed to, but I haven't even received an acknowledgement that you got it. I've tried several times to register, and supposedly have a password, but still cannot post at the forums. My name has not appeared on the winners list for the quarter.

What is happening? The only reason I know that I exist is that my goal has appeared on the goal lists.

Am I okay for quarter 1?


61,547 / 200,000

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19th February, 2005. 5:15 am. An indication of how my session is going:(wednes)

Dear Computer:

Just what do you mean "The Application Microsoft Word has unexpectedly quit?" cut for profanityCollapse )


Anyway, that's as far as I've gotten with typing the stuff I've manually edited into the computer.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,613 / 100,000

Current mood: annoyed.

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23rd January, 2005. 7:45 pm.(tahariel)

Eh heh heh... I complained about the amount I said I'd write, but my target for the end of March is 50,000 and I'm already on 38,295... *laugh* Guess I worry too much.


Current mood: creative.

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16th January, 2005. 6:09 am. Blabbing about my own progress:(wednes)

In retrospect, I think January first was unreasonably early for me to try to do another 50K. Having done 50K in November, I was so excited to keep progressing as I had been that I forgot to consider that my work in progress was in no way ready for the addition of tens of thousands of new words. But that is okay.

Plus I just got so involved with editing and various minor projects that it's what...the 15th and I only have about 2,000 new words. Not 20,000 mind you, but 2,000. That is taking into account the fact that I made some sweeping cuts, and replaced the cut words with better words. So my new word count is probably double what I could actually verify.

I guess the reason I'm posting this is to encourage people who may be floundering in the word count. Even though word count is the goal in NaNo, putting down even one paragraph that you really love is it's own triumph. Even though I won't reach my goal this month, I feel really good about the way my project is moving forward.

Happy Noveling, Scribes!

Current mood: determined.

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4th January, 2005. 9:08 pm.(tahariel)

Why, oh why did I say I'd do 250,000? This is my first NaNo event and I went for a really big one. I just hope I can get there in the end! I have 5000/50,000 for my first target, so... wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Current mood: creative.

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4th January, 2005. 8:28 am. Writers Block...(wednes)

I feel like I'm in way over my head, trying to do another 50K so soon after NanoWriMo. Maybe I just should have edited for January instead...

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